The Port Alberni Blue Wave Summer Swim Club started over 40 years ago.  Swimmers practiced at the Gyro Park outdoor pool until 1967 when the Echo Pool was built.  The club is affiliated with the BCSSA (British Columbia Summer Swimming Association) which governs the rules of each member club in the association.  The BCSSA is divided into 8 regions, Blue Wave is part of the Vancouver Island Region which currently includes 13 clubs.  Over the years, many children have worked their way through the club, from novice to seniors, from beginners to provincial finalists, from competitors to coaches, and now, from swimmers to parents of swimmers!  Our long-term success is due to a great summer program of social and swimming activities.  Parents, swimmers and coaches work together to ensure a rewarding and successful swim season.


The Blue Wave Summer Swim Club offers every swimmer the opportunity to have fun and make new friends while improving their swimming skills, physical strength, endurance, and fitness,  and at the same time building self-confidence, self-esteem, self-motivation and team spirit.  Our objective is to help swimmers achieve a personal best performance and to provide an opportunity for competitive swimming.
 Interesting facts about swimming:
* Swimming works out all of the body’s major muscles
* Swimming strengthens the heart and lungs
* An hour of vigorous swimming will burn up to 650 calories. It burns off more calories than walking or biking
* Swimming is a great cardiovascular exercise because you are moving against the water’s resistance, which is over ten times that of the air.
* The first ocean liner with a swimming pool is the Titanic.
* The oldest form of stroke used is the breaststroke.


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